500lb man stuck at Chicago Airport after BA refusal

News sources are reporting on a man who is 500lb who is currently delayed in the U.S. after visiting in order to obtain treatment for a hormone disorder. It is reported that BA, which flew him to the U.S. has refused to fly him home because of his size and his medical needs.

Kevin Chenais, aged 22, flew from France on BA to be treated at the world famous Mayo Clinic.

Mr Chenais and his parents are now staying at a hotel close to Chicago Airport, paid for by BA, and are now planning to catch a train to New York and then to return home on the Queen Mary II.

A BA spokesman said: ‘We will always try to accommodate someone if it’s possible and safe to do so.

‘Our customer service team worked diligently to find a solution and have exhausted all options.

‘Unfortunately it is not possible to safely accommodate the customer on any of our aircraft and the family has been offered a full refund.

‘The British Airways team has been in regular contact with the family, providing guidance and support as well as exploring other options for travel. BA has also provided hotel accommodation throughout.’

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