UPDATE: A Frenchman ‘too fat to fly’ by British Airways flys to UK on Virgin…

but that isn’t the end of the saga…

France 24 reports that a Frenchman deemed too fat to fly by British Airways in October boarded a Virgin flight home on Monday after suffering a second setback earlier this week when he was denied a place on the Queen Mary 2 due to his size. We first reported on Mr. Chenais predicament on a week ago.

Barred from boarding a British Airways (BA) flight and then denied a place on the Queen Mary 2, Mr. Chenais’s struggle to return to France finally came to an end on Monday when he boarded a Virgin Atlantic Airways flight to London.

Chenais, who is 22-years-old and weighs 230 kilograms (500 pounds), has spent the past year and a half at the not-for-profit Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, receiving treatment for a severe hormone imbalance disorder. Incapacitated, Kevin uses a mobility scooter and requires 24-hour oxygen therapy.

After the BA refusal, Mr. Chenais and his family travelled to New York planning to board the Queen Mary 2, but were then told that due to “security reasons’ that Mr. Chenais could not board. Mr. Chenais’ ordeal is not quite over as he still needs to get from London to France.

UPDATE: Mr. Chenais was subsequently refused permission to travel to France by Eurostar which cited safety concerns as its reason for refusal. P&O came to the rescue taking Mr. Chenais to France on the Spirit of Britain.

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