Afraid of flying? BA has the cure…

BA will launch its Flying with Confidence course in Dubai next month

.. apparently in response to the results of a recent YouGov survey, Gulf marketing website Kippreport reports.

Pteromerhanophobia or fear of flying, is quite a common and debilitating problem. Famous sufferers include, Isaac Asimov (which is ironic), Doris Day, Dennis Bergkamp and Agnetha Faltskog.

So it comes as little surprise that the survey, commissioned by BA and made up of 1,000 respondents, indicated that more than one in four UAE residents have a fear of flying and that 42 per cent of nervous flyers feel that the fear diminishes their quality of life. So decided to launch its ‘Flying with Confidence’ course on February 17, to help address this.

fear of flying course

There is no way you are getting me up in one of those things…

The one day course is also currently offered in the UK and the US, and according to BA has helped more than 45,000 people over the past 25 years. The course includes a session from a BA captain who will explain the technical side of flying (including presumably how it stays up), how an aircraft operates and other issues, such as turbulence, and a specialised counsellor will provide advice on relaxation techniques, and how best to deal with anxiety and feelings of panic.

BA says the course has a 98 per cent success rate, and “the course is tailored to fit participants regardless of whether they have a mild anxiety about flying, are unable to board an aircraft or develop a sudden debilitating phobia.”

Virgin also has a course to combat the fear of flying called flying without fear held here in the UK.

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