BA Japan Airlines and Finnair join forces

British Airways and Finnair which are two of Europe’s leading long-haul carrier have revealed that next week they will commence on a capacity sharing joint venture with Japan Airlines, by share capacity on flights between Europe and Japan, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The joint venture which relates to scheduling and pricing is a reaction to competition on long-distance routes between Europe and Asia which has intensified in recent years, largely through the rapid expansion of new Middle Eastern and Asian carriers.

Reportedly Finnair, the smallest of the pact’s airlines, has been looking to better exploit the geographic advantage of having a home base near the North Pole that allows shorter flight times for travel between northern Europe and Asia compared with East-West routes.

The WSJ reports passengers will now be able to mix and match flights on the carriers and book and check in online using any of the airlines’ websites for travel to and from Japan on any of the three carriers.

British Airways and Japan Air, which like Finnair are members of the Oneworld airline alliance, had previously cooperated on flights between Europe and Japan.

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