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Great upfront, not so good at the back

787 Layout

Later this year, British Airways should become the world’s first airline to operate both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner but, with the ongoing problems and delays being faced by the 787, so far we only know where the airline’s initial destinations for the A380 are.

British Airways has 24 787′s on order, split between the initial 8 series and the later, and larger, 9 series.┬áThe seat plan detailed here is for the 8 series and, as anyone who knows the airline can well see, there are some interesting issues regards the seat plan. The first such issue is that the Club World Cabin is split 2-3-2 as opposed to the 2-4-2 found downstairs on the 747 and on both models of the 777, the 200 & 300. This alternative seat plan will also be found on the upper deck of the new British Airways A380.

The same applies in World Traveller Plus. In both the 747 and 777 the layout is 2-4-2 while for the new 787 it is just 2-3-2. So far so good for those who can afford to sit up front or in the middle.

750x422-a380-world-travellerThe news isn’t so great for passengers at the back. Although the 747 has a 3-4-3 layout, both versions of the 777 have the same 3-3-3 layout…..and they are both wider than the 787. While the airline might claim that the design of the 787 allows for more cabin space, the seats themselves will be exactly the same as both the 787 and 777-300 are to be fitted with British Airways’ new World Traveller cabin.

To be fair to the airline though, they are now in a minority of airlines to feature a 3-3-3 layout on the 777. Many airlines, including Air France & Emirates, already squeeze an extra seat in with a 3-4-3 layout. Perhaps we simply expect too much from British Airways?

British Airways 787 Dreamliner

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