British Airways emergency landing: video from inside aircraft

Featured below is a video taken by a passenger onboard the recent British Airways flight forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow.

This video clearly shows that the casing has come away from the left engine although, as yet, there has still been no official explanation as to the cause. Following the incident on Friday, there were numerous flight delays and cancellations at Heathrow which took place at the start of one of the busiest weekends of the year – the May Bank holiday / school half term.

This author’s young nephews and niece were meant to be flying from Heathrow to their home in Amsterdam at 6pm on the Friday evening. Once at the airport, they were told that their British Airways flight was cancelled and that no other flights were available until Monday at the very earliest. Put simply, there was nothing that the airline could do for them. Fortunately their mother was able to get tickets on eurotunnel, drive over from Holland to London the same night, turn around and drive back again.

In the on-going saga regards the future of Heathrow, and its potential expansion, last week’s incident brought out all the expected reactions. Opponents of Heathrow’s expansion pointed out that the aircraft had been forced to make an emergency return to Heathrow while flying right over the heart of London. Supporters of Heathrow’s meanwhile pointed out that, yet again, a single incident atĀ the airportĀ is capable of throwing the airport into crisis with passengers from around the world deeply inconvenienced.





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