British Airways aircraft engine on fire in emergency landing – footage

Flight makes emergency landing at Heathrow after possible bird-strike

A British Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing to Heathrow this morning after smoke was seen billowing from one of its engines.

At around 9am this morning, British Airways 762, en-route from Heathrow to Oslo, was forced to return to Heathrow for an emergency landing. The Airbus A319 had some 75 passengers on-board and, having successfully returned to Heathrow and de-planed, there are no reports of any injuries.

It is of course too early to know what the exact problem was although, in such circumstances, bird-strikes are one possible explanation.

A witness: – Chris Cooke described a major change in the sound of the plane as it went over head and then described how he could see that the right engine was on fire. At that point, he said, there wasn’t much smoke. He described the change in engine tone as a dramatic change in tone, almost like a blow-out.

Passengers planning to use Heathrow today have been advised to expect long delays.

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