British Airways Launches “Yourope”

British Airways today launched “Yourope”, like ‘Europe’ but ‘Yourope’ (geddit?) a ‘choose your own adventure’ digital campaign that is intended to inspire travelers with new ideas for travel to popular European destinations, including Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

Love Paris BA launches Yourope

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves

BA says “We know our customers have different tastes and different motivations for travel so we designed a campaign that would celebrate those different perspectives. We believe the adventures in each Yourope video will provide new ideas for even the most seasoned traveler”

A video series now live on provides travelers with two entry points to a city via an airport check-in kiosk, for example ‘classic or curious’ Paris and ‘posh or punk’ Berlin. The viewer can then download the itinerary and view available travel packages to inspire their own trip to the city.

The lovely videos were directed by Brandon LaGanke, a winner at the 2013 Emerging Directors Showcase in Los Angeles. The city adventures are choreographed to tracks by emerging artists including “The Chase” by Groenland (Montreal, Canada), “I Can’t Sleep at Night” by The Deadly Snakes (Toronto, Canada), “Midas Touch” by Bourbon Rose (UK), “Dynamite” by The Measels (California, USA), “Getcha Good” by Jenn Grant (Canada), “The Stroke of Return” by Big Data (Brooklyn, NY), “Summer Rain” by Tiger Love (London, England), and “Get Up & Go” by Broadcast 2000 (London, England).

So the music is cool and the videos really work reminding the writer of a children’s book where you have a choice about what happens to the characters and thus the path the book takes.

In the forthcoming weeks, a full on social media campaign is on its way. British Airways will be launching six second postcards through Vine, featuring a snapshot of each city. People will be able to view the videos and create their own versions. In addition Pinterest boards will be designed for each European destination showcasing the beautiful scenery, incredible landmarks, and hidden gems in each city.

We aren’t exactly sold on the ‘Yourope’ bit. To us it reads like ‘You’ ‘rope’. What has rope got to do with travel? Nice videos though…

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