British Airways news roundup-004

A lovely BA plane in flight

British Airways news roundup from around the world.

An internet article from itproportal suggests that Microsoft is offering ¬£100 per person off British Airways Club Europe flights to anyone who expressed an interest in their new Windows 8 devices. After a very brief sweep of the internet we have not been able to find mention of this offer anywhere else so cannot confirm or refute its authenticity. However, the suggestion that you can get¬†you can “get your tickets for¬†free¬†if you buy at least three costing ¬£100 or less each” suggests that the author hasn’t bought a Club Europe ticket recently.

British Airways executive vice president of the Americas Simon Talling-Smith is leaving the airline to join Travelzoo as president of products and emerging businesses. Regarding a possible successor at BA, “the role is currently being reviewed,” according to a spokesperson.

Heathrow Terminal 5Heathrow, British Airways main hub, has also featured heavily in the press this week. ¬†The Telegraph has run an article telling us what we pretty much already all know, that parking at Heathrow can be mighty expensive. The Uxbridge Gazette focuses on the ‘referendum’ (we’d call it a glorified questionnaire) asking the residents of Hillingdon whether they support the building of a new runway at Heathrow. ITV also focuses on expansion at Heathrow and, in particular, plans for a 4th runway.

DSCN1500Sri Lanka has also featured heavily in the media, largely thanks to the hefty press contingent that British Airways took with them on their return to the island. Leaving aside the happy holiday postcards from our lucky friends at the Telegraph et al, the local media in Sri Lanka have also been borderline gushing in their response to British Airways return after so many years.



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