Competition in the Middle East to intensify

British Airways gained momentum last year last year and expects to build on that this year.

That is the report from the Gulf Daily News, that last year BA operated 52 weekly flights during the winter, its highest ever from the region.

Mr. De Renzis, a BA executive also said that he expects strong forward bookings in the region.

“We just closed a very successful year in the Middle East and we are very optimistic about the current year,” he said.

gulf Daily News reports that over the last five years, the airline has increased regional capacity by 40 per cent with the expansion focusing on the larger markets of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait either by adding flights and flying larger planes and would continue to do so if the market demand was there, he said.

British Airways A380 Flying Above Clouds

Middle East bound

So what is driving this expansion? Greater profit per passenger, as according to industry experts, the Middle East leads the globe in growth of business and first-class traffic. The airline executive said British Airways was earning about 50 per cent of passenger revenue in the region from the high-margin premium segment, and experts say yields per premium passenger are typically around four to five times higher than those for economy class.

But competition is likely to increase as the Middle East airlines are increasing capacity.

Emirates a380

50 more of these please

Last years Dubai Airshow saw a spending spree, reported here, with orders for A380 and 777x aircraft being placed by Emirates.

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