November 2013

Almost, but not quite, Minority Report style advertising..

British Airways has unveiled interactive digital billboards that sense when one of their planes fly overhead. The billboards, currently located in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick, show a child on the billboard which stands up and points at aircrafts as they pass while the screen displays information about the aircraft, such as the kind of plane it is and where it has flown from. The adverts were developed by Ogilvy 12th Floor.

“We hope it will create a real ‘wow’ and people will be reminded how amazing flying is and how accessible the world can be,” Abigail Comber, the head of marketing at British Airways said.

However, for more personal interaction have a look at these, in Sydney.. not quite reading your eye ball yet..

This story reported today in Haaretz: -  An Israeli passenger aged 21 began acting out and threatened to hurt fellow passengers on a British Airways flight traveling from London to Israel.


The flight crew reported an emergency to the control tower at Ben Gurion International Airport 30 miles from the airport and s state of emergency was announced and precautionary security procedures actioned.


At around 6am, the plane, was diverted to a separate landing area and the passenger was detained by a security team which boarded the flight. When it was established that the passenger was not armed he was escorted from the flight in handcuffs and transferred to Israel Police for further questioning.


A huge cargo plane  landed Wednesday night at the wrong airport in Wichita, Kansas — one that typically does not accommodate such large aircraft will attempt a  take off at around noon on Thursday local time (and 17:00 GMT) using a runway far shorter than it would normally require.

On Wednesday night, the plane, due to land at McConnell Air Force Base from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, missed its mark by about 12 miles and landed at the much-smaller, general-aviation Col. James Jabara Airport on the northeast side.  Despite Jabara having no control tower and not normally handling jumbo jets, the Atlas Air 747 Dreamlifter landed without damage.

The Dreamlifter is a heavily modified 747-400 passenger airplane  and it  can accomodate more cargo by volume than any airplane in the world.


747 Dreamlifter

Dreamlifter taking off

When fully loaded, the Dreamlifter requires more than half a mile extra runway to take off than is available at Jabara.

But hopes are high for a favourable result today as the weather is expected to be favourable and much of the fuel had been used in the flight from JFK, and this has lightened the weight of the plane thus shortening the distance required to take off.  Apparently a new crew will be attempting the take off.

UPDATE: The plane took off without incident and safely flew for 12 miles to the correct airfield.

British Airways, Lufthansa and El Al  – face a class-action suit in Israeli courts for allegedly colluding on ticket prices, Haaretz reports:

“The Lod Central District Court last Monday threw out a motion to dismiss the class-action motion against the three carriers and ordered them to pay costs.

The court, headed by Judge Ofer Grosskopf, has not yet discussed whether the class action could proceed, though. The motion is being brought by Hatzlaha, the Consumers’ Movement for the Promotion of a Fair Society and Economy, which accuses the three of acting as a cartel in allegations dating back to a global anti-trust investigation in 2006. The target of the class motion is air freight prices, which was the subject of a global anti-trust investigation revealed in February 2006.

Based on those findings, Hatzlaha claims the three airlines coordinated surcharges to the cost of air freight, such as extra charges for fuel and security adedd on top of the basic air cargo fee.”

Travelling with gifts, sparklers, party poppers and Christmas crackers.

If you intend to travel with Christmas presents/gifts and or sparklers, party poppers and Christmas crackers, BA has the following advice: -

Do you have to check my Christmas presents/gifts into the aircraft hold?

No, Christmas presents can be taken as hand baggage if they are unwrapped (for security purposes). You must not exceed your hand baggage allowance otherwise you will be charged to check in your extra baggage.

Please note that there are still controls on the volume of liquids that can be carried in your hand baggage – this regulation will apply to any gift items with liquid in them, as well as any liquid items you carry for your personal use.

Can I take Christmas crackers?

If you are departing from a US airport Christmas crackers are not permitted in any baggage.

If you are departing from a UK airport Christmas crackers are not permitted in hand baggage but may be carried in your checked baggage providing they meet the following restrictions:

  • Maximum two boxes per passenger
    The crackers must be commercially manufactured
    The crackers must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging
    The crackers must be for personal use only
    Homemade crackers are not permitted

Rules may vary in other countries. Please check with the airport before you pack to avoid disappointment.

Can I take party poppers in my hand or checked baggage?

Party poppers are not allowed on any British Airways aircraft.

Can I take sparklers (indoor or outdoor ones) in either my hand or checked baggage?

Any types of sparklers are not allowed on any British Airways aircraft.