Good news for longhaul passengers – airport tax reduction

Willie Walsh has been vocal on this issue and it seems as though his voice has been heard, as UK passengers on some long-haul flights will pay less tax following a revamp of Air Passenger Duty (APD).

APD naoooooo!!!

APD makes passengers quite cross..

The changes will see the two highest of the four APD tax bands are to be scrapped, the chancellor announced in yesterday’s budget.

At the moment more tax is charged on some flights, despite often similar distances, a situation George Osborne called crazy and unjust.

For example, APD was criticised for being based on the distance from London to a country’s capital city. So, the tax on a 4,400-mile flight to Trinidad is taxed at as much as £332, while a trip to Hawaii, 7,000 miles away, attracts a £268 tax because the US capital is closer to London.

“From next year, all long-haul flights will carry the same, lower, band B tax rate that you now pay to fly to the United States,” said Mr Osborne.

The Board of Airline Representatives in the UK said the move was “a step in the right direction”.

British Airways said the government should go further and abolish APD completely.

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