Heathrow Airport history

Retired BA employee Norman Dawson has spent approximately 18 months making a beautiful matchstick model of a Boeing 747-400 and a Concorde (which took a year).

Norman matchstick model maker

Norman in front of his models

Norman has been making model aircraft for as long as he can remember and as he was nearing retirement after a 40 year career, began wondering what to do with his retirement. It was then that he thought of making a matchstick model of a Boeing 747.

Norman had access to 747 maintenance manuals to get all the scale right which is 1/50 and the 747-400 is about 4ft 6in long.

matchstick 747-400

The 747-400

matchstick 747-400 and Concorde BA branded

with BA branding

The Concorde is 1/40 scale and is over 5 feet long.

matchstick Concorde gear down

Concorde droop nose and gear down

The Concorde has been made in two modes. The first is supersonic all gear up and nose up, the other is landing mode all gear down and full droop nose.

matchstick Concorde gear up

Concorde nose and gear up – going supersonic

Here are some more images and angles..

 A detailed look at the Concorde model…

A walk around the 747-400 and th Concorde…

A little about Norman..

We thought it would be interesting to tell you a little about Norman’s life which has been closely associated with aircraft, as he fell in love with aviation as a boy growing up in Bedfont in the 1950′s next to the Airport and in sight of the old Pan Am hangar.

For the last year of junior school Norman had to cycle through the airport to school every day and had permission from the then Airdrome Commandant and a pass, although after a while, Norman says he knew all the security people. Clearly things were very different then to now!

Norman went into motor racing with the legendary Gulf GT40 racing team being in the team which won the 1969 the Le Mans 24 hour race.

Norman has already started his next model which is a 777.