Norwegian Airline

British Airways is the nation’s favourite airline, a survey reveals

According to a Skyscanner survey. BA was top for its on-board experience, food and drink offerings and style.

Budget offering Norwegian was placed second in the survey and was named the best value airline.

The survey of 4,000 UK airline passengers revealed that passengers were wowed by British Airways’ in-flight meals and drinks, the experience on-board (including airline cleanliness and comfort), its style and customer service.

BA The nations favourite airline

Happy passengers

Proving that it can be done well for less, Norwegian beat British Airways in the category of ‘best value for money’, and the low-cost airline was in the top three for on board experience, customer service and style.

The Nordic airlines did well also succeeding with SAS, Sweden’s national carrier, which took second place for its food and drink and third place for style.