The design of 787 Dreamliner manufactureed by Boeing was reviewed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and found to be safe.

A review of the plane was ordered after battery problems grounded the entire fleet last year.

But while the design was found to be safe, the FAA reported that some of Boeing’s suppliers did not follow industry standards for inspection that include training and testing requirement for inspectors. However, it said “effective processes” had been implemented to correct issues that arose during and after certification.

BA 787 in flight

787 in flight

The report, issued jointly by the FAA and the Boeing critical systems review team, stated, “For manufacturing, early issues with suppliers implementing the new business processes are being addressed, and improvements are in progress throughout the supply chain,” The report also added with words to the effect that a certain number of issues can be expected when implementing the development of a large airplane due to limitations in current design, manufacturing and certication processes.

As is common knowledge the 787 Dreamliner has been hit with a series of issues and was grounded last year due to safety concerns.