Superbrands survey

A survey of 3000 consumers carried out by the Centre for Brand Analysis ranks British Airways as the top brand, beating Rolex and Coca-Cola into second and third respectively.

The Consumer Superbrands ranking has been running since 1995, and the list this year is interesting

Apple took a spanking this year, plummeting from 2nd to 14th, with Microsoft ranking a surprising 6th. Marks & Spencer are still hanging in there at 18th.

So the top Consumer Superbrands for 2014, apparently, are:

1. British Airways

2. Rolex

3. Coca-Cola

4. BBC

5. Heinz

6. Microsoft

7. Google

8. Gillette

9. Kellogg’s

10. BMW

11. Cadbury

12. Andrex


14. Apple

15. Boots

16. Nike

17. Sony

18. Marks & Spencer

19. Shell

20. Mercedes-Benz