Thai Airways

Thai Airways has announced that it will be introducing the A380 on its Heathrow – Bangkok service from 1st December.

thai a380TG911 will operate daily between London & Bangkok, departing the UK at 11.50 and arriving in Bangkok the following morning at 06:1o. The return flight, TG910, will depart Bangkok at 01.10, arriving back in Heathrow at 07;15 the same morning. In addition to its daily A380 service, the airline will also operate a daily A340 flight, departing Heathrow at 21.35 (arriving Bangkok 15:55) and then departing Bangkok at 12:50 (arriving London 18:55).

Thai Airways operate a 3 cabin layout on their A380 aircraft with a maximum capacity of 507 passengers; 12 in Royal First Class, 60 in Royal Silk Class and 435 in Economy.

airlineBA777flyingBack in April we reported that British Airways would be reducing capacity on its single flight between Heathrow & Bangkok, switching from a 747-400 to a 777-200, an aircraft with 275 seats, almost half as many as Thai’s A380. British Airways would have known that Thai Airways would eventually introduce the A380 on its Heathrow route and that, once that happened, competing with the Thai flag-carrier would become much more difficult (in recent years Thai have, themselves, been flying some pretty old 747s between Bangkok & London).

The question now is whether British Airways will eventually pull out of Bangkok altogether (possibly switching to nearby Kuala Lumpur instead) or perhaps combining Bangkok with nearby Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.