What do you pack on a British Airways 747?

British Airways Heathrow

With not much to report, the British Airways Press Office have gone all playful and compiled a list of all the items that are loaded onto one of their 747s for a typical long-haul flight. With a combined weight of over 6 metric tonnes, every item has to be loaded and unloaded before every single flight so rather them than me. British Airways is the world’s largest operator of the original Jumbo Jet with over 52 in its fleet and here’s what each has loaded onto it……

1,263 items of metal cutlery

1,291 items of china crockery

538 meal trays

735 glasses

650 paper cups

34 metal teapots

220 drinks stirrers

500 coasters

233 toothpicks

2,000 ice cubes

99 full bottles and 326 quarter bottles of wine

700 small cans of fizzy drinks

164 bags of nuts in Club World

337 cushions and pillows

337 sets of headphones

337 headrest covers

435 air sickness bags

58 toilet rolls

40 extension seatbelts for children

340 safety cards

337 copies of High Life magazine

40 skyflyer packs for children

5 first aid kits



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